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Venice and M premiere

We had great time in Venice where Anna Eriksson's debut film M premiered. Really happy with the attention film got in the Setttimana section. The Critics' week has long been one of my favourites, so was great to experience it first hand. I believe this film will have an exciting a long festival run, it really is a festival film.

The press was enthusiastic about the film. There were a lot of interviews, both for magazines and newspapers as well as TV and radio. The days were so hectic - luckily Anna is such a professional that she was able to handle it all so well.

The premiere itself was exciting and attracted a good crowd with some great audience questions. Finnish Film Foundation and Embassy in Rome organised a dinner for us. The food was amazing and it was a great night.

All in all, the days went so quickly. Luckily I managed to take some pictures at least.

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