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Green Production seminar

Creative Export Innovations is producing Green Production seminar with Finnish Film Foundationand Finnish Lapland Film Commission and genreously supported by AVEK, the seminar will introduce Finnish filmmakers to the best practices of green film production.

The speakers include Emellie O’Brien (Earthangel NYC) and Birgit Heidsiek (Green Film Shooting). Emellie O'Brien, Founder and CEO of Earth Angel, the leading sustainability consultancy servicing the film and television industry in the U.S., will speak about zero waste and emissions reductions strategies for motion pictures and network series. Her sustainability leadership on The Amazing Spider-Man 2contributed to it being acclaimed as “the most eco-friendly blockbuster in Sony Pictures’ history.”

Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief ofGreen Film Shooting, will give an overview of sustainable initiatives an projects all across Europe. In the various countries and regions are different approaches taken to produce films more environmentally-friendly but the best practices and problems often remain the same. There is still a lack of awareness, willingness to change the well-known routines in the workflow as well as a lack of an infrastructure with energy-efficient solutions and sustainable services. In Germany, the Green Shooting Cardhas become a game changer that improved green film production.

Finnish Lapland Film Commission will present a Code of Conduct for the crews that want to shoot in Finnish Lapland. Kaisa Astikainen, the first sustainibility co-ordinator for a film production company in Finland, will talk about her experiences and work at Finnish production outfit Bufo. And last but not least, it is also possible to operate cinemas in a sustainable way by managing energy more efficiently. Mervi Kemppinen will talk about what kind of actions are taken at Bio Rex Cinemas in Finland to reduce their carbon footprint. The green film production workshop will take place at the Finnish Film Foundationin Helsinki on November 9 from 12 am - 3 pm.

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