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Bigger Picture

Our Bigger Picture initiative is now up and running. I am so excited about this project. It is mainly funded by Ministry of Culture and Education. But we have also been able to attract really good partnerships already. The initiative is now jointly managed by my company and Elisa NordicTV and Elisa Viihde. It is great to have Elisa NordicTV in this project, since their interests in the Chinese market so beautifully coincides with this project's timeline. We are also currently negotiating with some other Finnish brands, who cannot yet be named, but who are also keen to participate. Really hope that we are able to build a solid network here and serve the film and TV companies and their projects well.

And that is another great thing about this project, we initially thought that we would select 10 companies to participate and were so glad to receive enthusiastic and highly competent applications from 31 companies. Chinese market really is interesting! We are making the hard selection on November 5, and and having now read the applications more than once, I really don't know where we make the cut. They are all so different and have so much potential. Hopefully we will be able to help most.

We are also going to Finnish national broadcaster's morning television programme Aamu-TV to talk about this project. Very much looking forward to that as well. I guess it warrants another post in this blog this week.

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