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Days in LA – Oscars and meetings

Before upcoming SXSW, I got a chance to spend a few days in Los Angeles. Was great to be back in LA for the Oscars. Finland did not make it to the nominees this year, but Sweden did. We got to visit the viewing party Swedish Film Institute held at Roosevelt Hotel for Ruben Östlund’s Square. It was a great night even though Ruben did not win the Academy Award. The Foreign category was won by Chile with Sebastián Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman.

When I was working for the Finnish Film Foundation, I was in charge of all things related to award campaigning, and we made some good progress of getting our films seen by the HFPA and Academy members. I am sure that that good work will continue and it will be sooner rather than later Finland’s turn to win either The Golden Globe or The Academy Award.

In the meanwhile, I had a full set of meetinga in LA. I hope that some day, some of them will result into projects that will help promote Finnish film or help with making our films more international. Let’s see!

Square viewing party at Roosevelt

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