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Green Shooting at Berlinale

Berlinale was not just about Finnish Party for me. Because I did not have the stand duty I have previously had on Saturdays, I was finally able to attend my friend Birgit Heidsiek's event Sustainability on Set. It was truly inspirational. So much so, that Creative Export Innovations felt an immediate need to start dabbling in import business as well - in order to be able to bring this wonderful seminar to Finland. Hopefully it happens already this year.

Never one to believe that any kind of permanent change is achieved through restrictions and negativity, I felt an immediate kinship with Emellie O'Brien and her wonderful company Earthangel. Earthangel is keeping it positive while enabling crew and cast to make better choices. And it is not just the small productions that need Earthangel, Emellie worked on the latest Steven Spielberg film as well. Besides working on actual films, Earthangel is training their Eco Ambassadors as well as teaching their production assistant courses. They are also making the actual hard calculations to prove it pays off to be green. And they are recycling the sets in NYC and working on so many inspirational things that I cannot list them here. Let's just say that we in Finland need this seminar. Badly.

The other thing that struck a chord with me, was Nevina Satta's presentation on how to work in a sustainable way in the nature that is so fragile. In her case, Sardinia. I am so passionate about sharing our wonderful shooting locations here in Finland, especially the special beauty of Lapland, but worry sometimes about the impact that the crews will inevitably have on our nature that is so very fragile. It is a relief to hear that there so many good and talented people, who are actively working on finding sustainable solutions on this.

Emellie O'Brien presenting her company Earthangel

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