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SXSW is just around the corner...

I guess it is an act of self-preservation not to be able to notice how soon SXSW is coming after Berlinale. I finally caught on this fact last Thursday morning, when we were having a meeting on the event now titled Super Finland - vol1 & vol2.

I must first outright say that I love SXSW. It is my favourite festival and one of the most inspirational events I have ever been to. There is so much going on at the Conference and at the Trade Show...and then there is the whole Film programme and the Music. But just because there is so much going on, organising something there can be a real nightmare. Luckily again this year, I am working with super-talented and inspirational people, who are true professionals in their own field. And I must say that, if that was not the case, then I would have already given up. Multiple times. The challenges we have faced on this year's production have been profound. Sometimes it just seems like an impossible juggling act - you try to keep your chosen venue going with the budget that you have and you try to hold on to your content - all the while telling the people financing the project that everything is going smoothly.

We started to produce this on November last year, and the project has gone through three major transformations already - luckily we are ending with my absolute favourite of these three! In November I started to work on a joint Nordic stand at the trade show, then all through December I was working on a spectacular music showcase and now finally, it all has transformed on to this thing we call Super Finland. Which in itself multiplied to two events for two venues last week. Let's just say that there is never a dull moment, when you are working on the SXSW events.

I am sure the event will be amazing, and worth all the hard work we have put in the production this year. And next year there will be something completely new...

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